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Egyptian Diaries of Torture and Maltreatment

The following pages carry the daily experiences of citizens, Egyptians and non Egyptians, women and men, youth, elderly and children with the Egyptian ministry of interior in a country ruled by an emergency sate, which continues to protect the perpetrators and to deny victims access to justice (Video).

Al-Nadeem Center presents those diaries within the "100 day campaign" launched by the forum of independent human rights organizations in Egypt to monitor the Egyptian governments commitment to respect for human rights during the period extending from the end of the Egypt UPR session on the 17th of February until the date of the fourteenth session of the HRC in June 2010, when the Egyptian government will present again in front of the HCR and make its final commitments to respond to the council's recommendations. It is the first chapter in the dairies extending from the 18th  of February to the 31st of March 2010.. to be continued. (Please open attached file